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Mechanics Laboratory
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1, tensile test the tensile strength and yield level of the metal, elongation and reduction of area (Assessment of welds or weld strength and ductility properties of the slider)
 2, sub-horizontal bending test bending, vertical bending, n-bending, back bending and bending down. The main assessment of welded joints plasticity. 
3, the impact test is used to assess the weld metal and welded joint toughness ice notch sensitivity.
 4, hardness test can be welded joints Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers hardness, used to assess the tendency to harden candle Joints, and indirect assessment of the degree of embrittlement of welded joints.
 5, the fatigue test is used to assess the fatigue strength of welded joints and fatigue crack growth rate of weld metal and welded joints.
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